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Bro Shaver Back Hair Shaver. Uses standard double edge blades. Blades included.
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What kind of blades does the Bro Shaver use?

The Bro Shaver uses three standard double edge blades. The trendy, classic way to get a close shave that costs pennies. Many facial shaving enthusiasts are coming back to double edge shaving because of the closeness and inexpensive cost. 15 High Stainless Blades are included with each order. Enough for 10 fresh blade changes (you can flip the blades to use the other side, when one side becomes dull). And you can use your favorite brands such as: Feather, Astra, Merkur, etc. Putting three fresh blades in your Bro Shaver will cost approximately 7 to 30 cents. Yes cents.

Figure 1: Double Edge (DE) Blade

How many shaves can I get from one set of blades?

Depending on how much hair you're shaving, coarseness, etc you'll find, typically, the blades last 1-4 shaves. But it depends on the shaving conditions.Worst case, half a shave, best case 5 shaves. Check online, a lot of enthusiasts who shave their faces with DE blades use it once, many others 3, 4, or 7 times. That's a face of course, and not a back. From our anecdotal tests 3 shaves seems to be the norm. Replacements are cheap, so shave away! We're including 15 blades with your order, enough for 10 fresh blade changes.

The Bro Shaves uses 3 blades, you can flip them over when one side is dull, the formula is:

fb = Int[ (n ÷ 3) × 2 ]

fb = fresh blades
n = number of blades
Int = takes the integer value

(15 ÷ 3) × 2 = 10 Fresh Blade Changes

How many double edge blades does the Bro Shaver use?

Three. But if you want, you can use one, two, or three. It's your choice.

Are the metal bolts in the Bro Shaver made of stainless steel?


Do you have a quick start guide?

Yes, please refer to this Bro Shaver Quick Start Guide

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