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Bro Shaver Back Hair Shaver. Uses standard double edge blades. Blades included. Back Hair Shaver, Back hair removal
Back Hair Shaving for Brahs
Uses Standard Double Edge Blades. Blades Included.
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Out of the box:
  • Bro Shaver® Back Hair Shaver
  • Outrageously Fast and Close shaving. The solution you've been waiting for!
  • 15 High-stainless blades (enough for 10 fresh blade changes) INCLUDED!
  • Use your favorite standard double edge blades
  • Dry or wet
  • Cutting edge adjustable to greater than 4.5"
  • Your back hair problem broliterated!

Bro, it's time for the Bro Shaver.
  • Premium quality with high bro-formance Stainless Steel Bolts & NEW Aluminum Knobs
  • NEW Comfy Cloud™ Technology. Crazy comfortable, virtually eliminates any chance of skin irritation
  • No refill ripoff, and you choose. Use any standard double edge safety razor blades
  • Rust-proof with Aero-bro-namic super car design
  • Brommando knife handle grip
  • Don't get bronnihilated by expensive replacement blades. Blade cost as low as 5 cents
  • Our blades are factory sealed, unlike other products we don't open, glue or repackage razors
  • Fast blade loading with Tension Grab™, and fast shaving
  • Lock, load with 3 blades, and shave [More details...]
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Bro Shaver in action

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Bruh, it's a thoughtful design. Bros love the Bro Shaver! It’s outrageoulsy fast, do it yourself, high quality design, and low cost blades.

It’s fast bro. We all know back hair just needs to go. Babes hate it. With the New Bro Shaver your back hair problem is bro-literated, fast.

Nobody wants to spend all day shaving their back. That’s why we made the Bro Shaver outrageously fast, a few swipes and you’re done. Use it wet or dry. It’s clutch, go for it when you need it.

It's now super comfortable with the New Comfy Cloud™ Technology, which virtually eliminates any razor burn and nicks even with dry shaving! How? With the patent pending system that dampens the razors irritation quotient, and adds comfort layers, while maintaining crisp, and sharp cutting. Nothing can compare, period. You will be blown away!

It’s ongoing cost is low, bruh. Sick of buying pricey replacement blades? Yeah, it sucks bro. That’s why the Bro Shaver uses standard double edge safety blades. Just pennies bruh.

Load the Bro Shaver with 3 blades. When they go dull, flip them over. Duh? They are double edge. We include 15 super high-stainless blades for brosane comfort. For a total of 10 fresh blade changes!

After that use your favorite double edge blades.

You’ve got blade choices brah. Want an ultra smooth shave? Get the Japanese made, ninja sharp Feathers for around $24 in packs of 100 (24 cents each) link. Prefer a super comfortable shave? Get a pack of a 100 Astras for about $12 (12 cents each) link. Not picky? Want cheap? Get 100 Derbys for around 9 bucks (9 cents each) link or Korean Dorcos for about $7 (7 cents each) link. German made? 100 Merkurs go for $55 (55 cents each) link. Are you an old school bruh? 100 Wilkinsons for $17 (17 cents each). link

Our pick? Astras link for bromazing comfort, for the brookie bruh. Feathers link for fast and "can't feel it working bruh" for the brofessional bruh.

We’re clean brah. The Bro Shaver takes sterile, factory sealed blades. We don’t open, glue, or repackage razors.

It’s premium quality bro. The Bro Shaver is made with high bro-formance Stainless Steel Bolts, a cool Super Car Design, and completely killer Knife Handle Grip. And features: functional, professional, sleek, and modern design. Designed and engineered by professionals bros.

A one-time cost and bro-daciously low cost usage. Honest and pure, brah, that’s from the heart.

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